Plant Your Tax Dollars in Shaw Montessori’s Outdoor Environment


Students at Shaw Montessori School enjoy this beautiful outdoor space on campus. It includes a vibrant community garden that the students help grow and maintain. The space also offers a place for work and play in the natural environment.



This garden is funded solely by tax credit donations. We need contributions from our community to keep providing Shaw Montessori students this important connection with the natural world.


Value to Students

Thanks to community members like you, students have the daily opportunity to engage in hands-on activities that cultivate respect for the environment, their peers and their school.


How to Donate

Please consider making a tax credit donation today! You can donate at Shaw Montessori’s front office or online at

  1. On the right-hand side of the page click “donate online”
  2. Click the “tax credit donation” box
  3. Select the school you would like to donate to (Note: select the school with current tax year)
  4. Under Program select which program you would like to donate to. (Note: if you would like to donate to a specific club, select “other” and write the club name in the text box)
  5. Write in the amount you want to donate
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 if you would like to donate to multiple clubs or schools
  7. Click “Continue” and follow directions to enter personal information


Don’t understand AZ Tax Credits?  Not a problem. We have a quick little video that explains the opportunity.


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