Site Council

The Role of the Site Council

Who is best qualified to make decisions about our school? We believe that those who are involved with schools and students on a day-to-day basis — teachers, parents, and school employees — can make some of the best decisions. This belief led to the creation of the Shaw Montessori site council.

The site council is a group of teachers, parents, classified employees and community members that work with the principal to develop, review and evaluate programs at the school level as well as the school budgets while helping to build a positive culture. The school site councils asks thoughtful and challenging questions that do not just represent their own interests but will best serve the community as a whole.

Erin Ozuna-Gross
Chairwoman, Shaw Montessori Site Council
Jacquelyn Obrand
Site Council Secretary

Get involved

If you are interested in school policy or budgets, you might enjoy serving on your school’s site council. To find out more about what your school site council does, attend a meeting or talk to the school principal.
The Shaw Montessori Site Council meets the third Wednesday of the month just prior to the PTA meetings. Everyone is welcome to attend. You may also email us with questions at:

Date Location
August 16, 2017 Shaw Montessori Cafeteria
September 20, 2017 Shaw Montessori Cafeteria
October 18, 2017 Shaw Montessori Cafeteria
November 15, 2017 Shaw Montessori Cafeteria
December 2017 – No Meeting
January 17, 2018 Shaw Montessori Cafeteria
February 21, 2018 Shaw Montessori Cafeteria
March 21, 2018 Shaw Montessori Cafeteria
April 18, 2018 Shaw Montessori Cafeteria
May 16, 2018 Shaw Montessori Cafeteria

*You can sign up for your volunteer hours here:

Agendas and Minutes

Site Council Minutes – January 17, 2018
Site Council Minutes – November 15, 2017
Site Council Minutes – August 16, 2017
Site Council Agenda – August 16, 2017

Find previous Minutes and Agendas on the Archive Page.