Superintendent Larry Weeks encourages all members of our district to immediately  “SEE SOMETHING. SAY SOMETHING” should they see anything that seems suspicious.  His letter sent to parents and staff outlines the measures we take to ensure safety, yet reminds that we must all be vigilant and report anything suspicious immediately to school or department leaders.  Those leaders will bring the information immediately to his attention.  Thank you for bringing any questions you have to the attention of campus or department leaders in the district or the Superintendent’s office at or 602.257.2912.

Please remind everyone you know – SEE SOMETHING. SAY SOMETHING.

AzMERIT Testing Begins in April

Students in grades 3-8 will begin AzMERIT testing in April.
For more details regarding AzMERIT and Move on When Reading, please see:

AzMERIT Letter for Parents of 3rd Graders

AzMERIT Letter for Parents of 4th – 8th Graders

You are invited to a Community Forum, March 1

Dear Shaw Montessori Parents & Families;

As you probably are aware Ms. Susan Engdall is retiring at the close of this school year. We are incredibly grateful for all she has done for the school district and students and families at Shaw Montessori School.

I want to invite you to participate in a community forum that will be held in the process of hiring a new principal. The forum provides you the opportunity to listen to the candidates respond to questions in the interview process and provide written feedback to the hiring committee. There will also be a short period of time to submit potential questions to the candidates.

The forum will be held on March 1st from 6:00 – 7:00 PM at Shaw Montessori School.

Thank you for your support and involvement as we work to hire a great leader for your school!


Larry Weeks
Superintendent, Phoenix Elementary School District #1

Welcome Back to School & Happy 25th Anniversary!

What a Magical Year it Promises to Be!

Welcome back, weeks into the school year? Well, yes, as of Monday Shaw Montessori’s last group of prek2 friends had their last staggered start. It is wonderful to have everyone on campus.

Twenty-five years ago already, the beginning of our Montessori program was created at Phoenix Elementary #1’s Kenilworth School. Twenty-six eager children and their amazing parents began the uncharted waters of a Montessori education. Staff, parents, and of course the children, were delighted to begin this new journey. Five very short years later our Montessori program outgrew those digs based on high parent interest. With the abundance of interest and the long list of new friends joining the nascent Montessori program, we joyfully moved to the lovely Faith North campus. What a happy group it was. So happy our parents kept spreading the word and four years in at the Faith North Campus we could not keep up with the demand and opened three classrooms at Monterey Park School. Five years later, we outgrew Monterey Park, and our rapidly growing program moved to the Augustus H. Shaw School, where we added four more classrooms. With a total of seven classrooms at Augustus H. Shaw and eight at Faith North, we operated on two campuses for 11 years. Today, after 25 years of growth, Shaw Montessori’s 16 classrooms are finally together, harmoniously engaging in their works on our beautiful campus. What a wonderful journey it has been. In “wedding years” the 25th anniversary is celebrated with the metal silver, as it represents radiance and brilliance. What a perfect representation of all the light, creativity, and intelligence that the children of Shaw Montessori bring with them each and every day. Congratulations on the Radiance and Brilliance of Shaw Montessori.

What a fantastic history we have. Not only is our Montessori program honored to be welcoming it’s 25th group of three-year-olds, it is also our 3rd year as a collective community—all together on one consolidated campus – so much to celebrate!

Good things do come in threes, and that especially applies to the three-year-cycles our students spend in their multi-grade level communities. Any Montessori teacher will tell you that the cycle of three is paramount in creating a solid Montessori foundation that will carry a child through an entire Montessori program. From this journey, teachers see their children begin as eager (& sometimes apprehensive) prek1 friends to confident, kind, extremely capable middle school student scholars. These three-year cycles also bring teacher training, the carefully prepared classroom environments and the lessons to a beautiful culmination and is a dynamic time in shaping a teachers craft and a child’s learning.

Our collective work on the grounds of the Shaw Campus has been mighty but is far from over. Our outdoor learning lab dreams this year are to install a weather station with all of the bells and whistles as well as a physics wall. The solar system is soon to be completed and if you have not met our new tortoise, Torty Banks, stop by and take a look! She is a beauty. We still have a whole lot to do concerning campus beautification. Join us on Saturday, September 16th for Parent Workday in the Gardens. This is a day of heavy lifting and moving to prepare the outdoors for the work that our children do. We will be here from 7 AM to 11 AM. Please go to to let us know you are coming:

We are so thankful that you are here and a part of our rich, diverse learning community. You will experience many school and PTA events where you will meet new friends, as well as your child’s friends. You will receive information weekly through the See Shaw Shine email that comes to your inbox every Monday or you can access the school interactive calendar on the school website at: Our school newsletter, The Montessori Messenger, is published every couple of months and offers a more detailed view into the children’s work in the classrooms and around campus, or join the Parent Facebook Page for a more social experience.

Our wonderful Montessori program would not be here without the commitment of past, current and future families.

Thank you for your commitment to Shaw Montessori.

All the best, Susan Engdall – Principal

Read the full Newsletter here

August is Attendance Awareness Month

Phoenix #1 proclaimed August “Attendance Awareness” month because we understand the strong relationship between good attendance at school and student achievement.
In fact, studies show that students with poor attendance in the early years tend to struggle with achievement throughout the rest of their school years. And, good attendance leads to high school graduation!

For more information, please read here about the effects of poor attendance.

Plant Your Tax Dollars in Shaw Montessori’s Outdoor Environment


Students at Shaw Montessori School enjoy this beautiful outdoor space on campus. It includes a vibrant community garden that the students help grow and maintain. The space also offers a place for work and play in the natural environment.



This garden is funded solely by tax credit donations. We need contributions from our community to keep providing Shaw Montessori students this important connection with the natural world.


Value to Students

Thanks to community members like you, students have the daily opportunity to engage in hands-on activities that cultivate respect for the environment, their peers and their school.


How to Donate

Please consider making a tax credit donation today! You can donate at Shaw Montessori’s front office or online at

  1. On the right-hand side of the page click “donate online”
  2. Click the “tax credit donation” box
  3. Select the school you would like to donate to (Note: select the school with current tax year)
  4. Under Program select which program you would like to donate to. (Note: if you would like to donate to a specific club, select “other” and write the club name in the text box)
  5. Write in the amount you want to donate
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 if you would like to donate to multiple clubs or schools
  7. Click “Continue” and follow directions to enter personal information


Don’t understand AZ Tax Credits?  Not a problem. We have a quick little video that explains the opportunity.


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