A message from Ms. Engdall

From modest beginnings in 1993, Phoenix Elementary School District #1’s Montessori school has grown, to be a thriving community of children, parents, faculty, and staff.

Augustus H. Shaw Jr. Montessori Elementary School provides an integrated, inclusive, highly personalized educational environment for children from 36 months to 14 years old. Individual classes are specially designed to meet the developmental needs of the age range they serve.

Through this site you can access a wealth of information about our enrollment process, philosophy and events. Welcome to the community of Shaw Montessori! We are excited about your interest in our school.

Susan Engdall
Augustus H. Shaw Jr. Montessori Elementary School Principal



Drop off and pickup procedures

ATTENTION: This is a “kiss and drop” zone. PLEASE do not park on the red drop off curb.

AM Drop off K-8th grade students:
Students may be dropped off via the drop off bay located in front of the school office or at the Monroe entrance (the street behind the school) at the northwestern gate between 8:10 and 8:30. A staff member will be stationed there to receive your child. They may proceed to the cafeteria for breakfast. After finishing breakfast, the 1st-8th grade student may go to the playground. Primary students–including our kindergarteners must stay in the cafeteria and will be picked by their teachers at 8:30. Breakfast service will end promptly at 8:25.

AM Drop off 3-4 year olds:
Your 3 & 4-year-old must be signed in. The sign in books will be available just outside of the school office beginning at 8:05. All primary students must stay in the cafeteria and will be picked by their teachers at 8:30.

PM Pickup K-8th grade students:
Afternoon (3:35) parent pick up procedures: going north or south on 13th Street enter Monroe Street, the street directly behind the school. Students will exit through the northeastern most gate located off of our baseball diamond. Students will be loaded when their ride has reached the first car in queue. Please do not park on the other side of the street and leave your car to retrieve a child. They WILL NOT be released to you in this manner due to safety issues.
Staff will be there to assist in quick loading. We are imposing a 15 second standing limit. If your child has not reported to the gate, you will be asked to pull forward so loading is not held up.
At 3:45 we will send any remaining students to the school office. You may pick them up there.

PM Pick up 3/4year olds:
Prior to October 16th your 3 & 4-year-old will be picked up at 12:35 at the south gate. If your 4-year-old begins a full day on October 16th they will load in the parent pick up bay located in front of the school office. Older siblings may join your 4-year-old there for loading. Staff will pass you a clipboard with the appropriate papers on which you will sign out your student.

In our school parking lot, please NEVER park against the RED curb. Parking in a fire zone is not only against the law; it endangers our students and staff in the event of an emergency. Please park in the lot or on the street if you are picking up students from PEER, afterschool classes or visiting with school staff.

Please let me know if you have any questions concerning these procedures. I can be reached at 602.257.4069 or by electronic mail at susan.engdall@phxschools.org

Thank you!
Susan Engdall

Download the PDF of updated drop off and pick up procedures


  • Office

    • Start: 8:00am
    • End: 4:30pm
  • School

    • Start: 8:35am
    • End: 3:35pm
    • Wed End: 1:40pm